Our Experts

We have a wide range of spokespeople available for interview in locations across the globe on a wide range of subjects. To find out more or schedule an interview, contact International Media Manager, Kai Akram.

Steve previously worked at Compassion in World Farming and The Body Shop, responsible for developing award winning campaigns on issues such as endangered species, domestic violence and human rights.

Based: London

Lena previously worked for Greenpeace as Global Campaigns and Programme Director and now heads up World Animal Protection’s global programmes.

Based: Sydney and London

Tennyson has 25 years’ experience in international development and a background in zoology and zoonotic diseases. He previously worked for Action Aid as country director.

Based: Kenya

Gerardo has worked at World Animal Protection since 1982. He has worked in some of the world’s fiercest disasters from warzones to natural, such as Haiti, the Japan tsunami and typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Based: Costa Rica

Jonty previously worked for Freuds and Compassion in World Farming and now leads on the move towards positive global change for farm animals across the world.

Based: London

Jacqueline is responsible for overseeing World Animal Protection’s pig welfare projects globally. The farming team are building a movement to improve the lives of pigs around the world.  

Based: Sydney

Kate has 20 years’ experience campaigning on wildlife, environmental, poverty and women’s rights issues with Greenpeace, ActionAid and Women for Women International. 

Based: London

Neil is a wildlife biologist with expertise in conservation, illegal wildlife trade and animal welfare. He has led research projects all over the world and has discovered six previously unknown species.

Based: London​

Jan is a qualified veterinarian with experience in wildlife medicine, bear baiting in Pakistan and leading research on wildlife in entertainment and the micro-chipping of bears in Asia Pacific.

Based: Thailand  

Victor is an acclaimed zoologist and has dedicated his life to protecting bears all over the world, from bear dancing in Greece to bear baiting in Pakistan, he also works closely with a World Animal Protection funded bear sanctuary in Romania.

Based: London

Roberto has worked on campaigns in the Amazon region to protect and preserve species such as the Amazon Pink River dolphin (Boto dolphin). 

Based: Brazil

Julie leads on our campaign to protect wild animals used in entertainment by working with experts in the field and travel companies to end the sales and promotion of wild animal entertainment venues.

Based: Netherlands and London

Pankaj has over 11 years of campaigning, lobbying and project management and previously worked in WaterAid’s Africa and Asia regions, on their Clean Energy Nepal and Practical Action.

Based: London